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A selection of EAC's current and recent projects.

EAC Housing for Older People Awards

EAC Housing for Older People Awards

These EAC Awards are now in their eighth year. They aim to:

  • Publicly celebrate the best specialist housing for older people
  • Engage thousands of residents in identifying what contributes to quality of life in traditional and emerging models of specialist housing provision
  • Ensure that older people, families and carers have access to the best possible information
  • Help shape the future of housing in later life

Read more on the housingcare website

EAC Quality of Information Mark

EAC Quality of Information Mark (QI Mark)

The EAC QI Mark is a kitemark to help promote and celebrate all forms of retirement housing, and ensure that elderly people have access to accurate and detailed information when deciding whether to move home. It is awarded to individual schemes following submission of a fully completed EAC QI Mark questionnaire, and all schemes/developments that receive it are fully profiled on our website www.housingcare.org.

Read more on the housingcare website

EAC Over 60s Art awards

EAC Over 60s Art awards

This national art competition ran from 1994 to 2014. It aimed to encourage and celebrate the talents of older people.  Open to all amateurs over 60, the competition attracted up to 2,000 entries each year. The culmination of the 2014 competition was a celebration at the House of Lords, London, on 8th October.

View the 2014 entries and Award winners, and photos of the event, on our Art Awards website

Free advice and information for elderly people in the UK


Our housingcare website is an ongoing project. Now 14 years old, it has progressed to become the leading UK source of information about housing, support and care services for older people, with over 17,000 visitors a day. During 2010 and 2011 it underwent a major facelift as well as complete restructuring to provide easier access to its huge information resources, and lay the foundations for local variations to meet the needs of our partners in FirstStop Advice.

Visit the housingcare website

A tool to help elderly people and their families make decisions about housing and care options


HOOP (Housing Options for Older People) is a simple tool, available as an interactive experience online or in printed form, that uses a question & answer technique to help older people think about different aspects of their home, how they live in it and how well it is working for them. It then suggests information and resources that might help resolve any problems identified. HOOP has proved very helpful to professionals who work with older people, as it offers a structured approach to helping their clients reach their own decisions, often in the face of complex and competing priorities.

Try HOOP for yourself

Art Awards 2014!

View all the winners as well as photos of the Awards event at the House of Lords.


Visit the Art Awards site

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